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Geetha Indian Doll in Saree with Flower Garland | Traditional Doll Set for Girls | Fully Foldable | Long Hair | Hand-Stitched saree | Pretend Play Doll (11.3 Inch, Green & Gold)

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Geetha India South Indian Doll

  • Geetha, the charming Indian doll, beautifully dressed in a traditional Lengha adorned with intricate designs and vibrant colors, captures the essence of Indian culture and tradition.
  • This Barbie doll set for girls features Geetha adorned with a flower garland, adding an authentic touch to her traditional attire.
  • Geetha’s attire showcases the elegance and grace of Indian sarees, making her the perfect addition to any doll collection and ideal for imaginative playtime.
  • Designed with attention to detail, Geetha’s saree and flower garland reflect the rich cultural heritage of India, sparking creativity and cultural appreciation in young minds.
  • This Indian doll set for girls caters to those fascinated by Indian doll clothes and traditional Indian dolls. It serves as a delightful addition to any doll collection and is not limited to girls alone but also appeals to boys who enjoy playing with dolls
  • Whether you seek a doll with long hair for girls or an Indian bridal doll, Geetha is the perfect choice. She embodies the essence of an Indian doll in a saree, making her ideal for saree Indian doll enthusiasts as well.
  • Non-toxic: Made of non-toxic and 100% Safe material.
  • Geetha encourages cultural exploration and understanding among children .
  • Encourage your child’s development through imaginative play with Geetha, fostering social skills, emotional maturity and enhancing creativity, communication, and language proficiency.



Geetha indian doll: Your Window to South Indian Culture Through Play

Introducing Geetha, a captivating South Indian doll ready to steal your child’s heart and ignite their imagination. Geetha is more than just a doll; she’s a cultural ambassador, a beautiful representation of a confident, modern Indian woman celebrating the vibrant festival of Pongal.

Maa Lona is on a mission to sensitize young minds to India’s rich and multi-faceted cultural heritage with the help of its Indian Doll Collection – Indian Festival Look. They will love dreaming up their own adventures with these fantastical dolls inspired by India’s rich heritage because when a girl plays with a doll, she imagines everything she can become! She can become Nisha – an MBBS graduate working at KEM Hospital or she can become Saloni – a Bharatnayam dancer.

Maa Lona’s doll collection will get them acquainted with the various traditions of India. As parents, it is our duty to expose our children to the right stuff so that they develop into well-rounded individuals – who respect all cultures and exhibit the qualities of luminaries like Rani Padmavati, Rani Laxmi and more. Your child can gift a doll to his or her school friends on ‘Friendship day’ and hence strengthen the friendship. A brother can also gift a doll to his sister on festivals such as Diwali, Raksha Bandhan and Bhaubeej.

Who knows you might be gifted a doll by Secret Santa! Dolls excite kids, they love to play with them and make them their best friends. The best gift for a child is a doll, they enjoy dressing up their toy in attractive costumes and jewellery. If you have a kid at your home and are wondering what to buy for them to play with, then trust Maa Lona! 

Dazzling in Tradition:

Geetha stuns in a beautiful white half-saree, a traditional South Indian garment, with a contrasting golden dupatta (scarf) that drapes elegantly across her shoulder. This attire embodies the spirit of Indian culture, sparking curiosity about its rich heritage in your child.

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Exquisite Details:

Her long, brown hair is meticulously styled in loose plaits, a classic South Indian hairstyle that adds a touch of sophistication. To complete her look, Geetha adorns herself with a fashionable jewelry set, including a long golden necklace, bangles, earrings, a delicate nose pin, a charming hairband, and a sparkling waistband. Every detail is meticulously crafted to create a truly authentic and visually striking doll.

Modernity Meets Tradition:

Geetha isn’t just about aesthetics; she embodies the essence of a modern Indian woman. She represents confidence, independence, and a deep connection to her cultural roots. She encourages your child to embrace their own heritage while inspiring them to approach life with a positive and can-do attitude.

Designed for Play and Learning:

Made with a fully foldable body for easy posing and comfortable play, Geetha is more than just a pretty face. Her high-quality, hand-stitched clothes are easily removable, allowing your child to explore fashion, storytelling, and role-playing. The safe, non-toxic materials ensure worry-free play for children aged 3 and above.

A World of Possibilities:

This Indian doll set caters to all children who have a love for dolls and a curiosity about the world. Whether your child is fascinated by long hairstyles, dreams of a beautiful Indian wedding, or simply loves exploring different cultures, Geetha is the perfect companion. She caters to doll enthusiasts who seek a captivating South Indian doll in a saree, making her ideal for anyone who appreciates the unique charm of Indian attire.

The Gift of Discovery:

Geetha is the perfect gift for any child aged 3 and above. She’s more than just a toy; she’s a gateway to exploring Indian culture. Through imaginative play with Geetha, your child can develop a deeper appreciation for different traditions, fostering tolerance and acceptance.

Learning Through Play:

Playing with dolls isn’t just about fun; it’s a crucial part of a child’s development. By nurturing their imagination as they create stories and scenarios with Geetha, children can enhance their social skills, emotional maturity, creativity, and communication abilities. They’ll learn to express themselves confidently, navigate social interactions, and develop empathy for others.

Choose Geetha indian Doll: More Than Just a Doll

Geetha is more than just a doll; she’s a friend, a teacher, and a spark of imagination. She’ll provide your child with countless hours of entertainment while fostering their growth and development in a fun and enriching way. Let Geetha be the bridge that connects your child to the vibrant world of South Indian culture, inspiring them to embrace the beauty of diversity and celebrate their own unique identity.


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