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Are you a work-from-home parent struggling to find the right balance between work and taking care of your children? We understand the challenges you face and have the perfect Solution for Work-from-Home Parents! Introducing our innovative educational toy designed to keep your children engaged and entertained while you focus on your professional responsibilities.

The post-pandemic circumstance has completely changed the working scenario. The new normal has introduced a hybrid working mode for working people as per their needs. While this greatly benefits the employees the situation is different when it comes to working parents. While this mode of working enables parents to work from their homes it does not enable them to dedicate their entire time to caring for their kids. Small kids need a distraction so that they engage in something meaningful like Learning toys and all along the parents can work on their jobs peacefully.

Handling a mobile phone seems like a quick and easy solution, however it only damages a kid’s memory and health in the long run. Keeping in mind the desire of the children and also the need of the parents, Maalona toys introduces the Numerilicious toy range so that the kids can enjoy and engage in something productive and meaningful.

The speciality of the Numerilicious toys range is that not only does it allow a young mind to explore new talents and possibilities, but it is also an impressive and easy-to-use ice cream toy range. Comes in various colours a child can easily spend 40-50 minutes playing with the preschool toys. Maalona toys essentially believe that along with academic endeavours the creative growth of a young mind is equally important and valuable.

How Our Educational Toy Supports And Perfect Solution for Work-from-Home Parents!

At Maalona, we understand the unique challenges faced by work-from-home parents. That’s why we’ve designed our educational toy to not only entertain and engage your children but also provide valuable support for you as a busy professional.

  1. Promotes Independent Play: Our educational toy encourages independent play, allowing your children to explore and learn at their own pace. With a wide range of engaging activities, puzzles, and interactive features, it sparks curiosity and self-discovery, keeping your children happily occupied while you attend to your work responsibilities.
  2. Enhances Cognitive Development: While you concentrate on your work, our educational toy actively promotes cognitive development in your children. It incorporates age-appropriate learning experiences that stimulate their problem-solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking abilities. Each component of our toy is designed to provide an enriching educational experience, supporting your child’s growth and intellectual development.
  3. Encourages Cooperative Play: If you have multiple children, our educational toy also promotes cooperative play. It serves as a catalyst for collaboration and social interaction between siblings or playmates.
  4. Provides Structured Learning Opportunities: Our educational toy offers structured learning opportunities, allowing you to incorporate educational breaks into your child’s daily routine. While you take a moment to recharge or attend virtual meetings, your children can engage in focused educational activities that align with their developmental stage. These structured learning sessions not only keep your children occupied but also provide them with meaningful educational experiences, helping them grow and thrive academically.
  5. Ensures Safe and Engaging Screen-Free Time: In today’s digital age, it’s essential to balance screen time with offline activities. Our educational toy provides a refreshing break from screens, allowing your children to engage in hands-on learning experiences. By reducing their exposure to excessive screen time, our toy helps create a healthier and more well-rounded environment for your family.


As a work-from-home parent, finding a solution that supports your professional endeavors while keeping your children happily engaged is invaluable. Our educational toy offers a range of benefits, including promoting independent play, enhancing cognitive development, encouraging cooperative play, providing structured learning opportunities, and ensuring safe and engaging screen-free time. Experience the advantages of our educational toy and discover how it can transform your work-from-home routine, making it more manageable and enjoyable for both you and your children.

Visit our website or search for us online using the keywords “Solution for Work-from-Home Parents!” “educational toys for children” to find out more about our product. Take the first step towards a more harmonious work-life balance as a work-from-home parent!

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    This is such a brilliant idea! Working from home with kids can be tough, and this sounds like a lifesaver for busy parents. I can’t wait to learn more about this educational toy and how it can help keep my child engaged while I get things done. Thanks for sharing!

    I want to buy the toys for my kids but its out of stock right now let me know from where i can get this !

    As a work-from-home parent, I constantly struggle with finding that balance between getting things done and keeping my child engaged. This blog post was a lifesaver! It perfectly captured the challenges we face and offered a creative solution with the educational toy.

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