Reviving Emotions: Maalona Toys' DIY Greeting Card Making Set Cultivates Connection and Kindness in a Digital Age

Emotions are the building blocks which bind a family together. Taking care of each other, helping in need and acts of kindness no matter how small are what make us humane. Humans are social animals who need company and support from their peers. A life without affection and encouragement succumbs to the pits of loneliness. However, as society progresses forward  it feels like people are slowly losing their touch with each other. Emotions feel restricted. Kids especially nowadays have no understanding of what self-made cards are and the impact it creates. Wishes on birthdays, anniversaries or festivities have become gifs, pictures or a quick Facebook reminder. (DIY Greeting Card Making Toy Set)

The effort people made earlier into remembering dates, and doing things for each other had feelings of happiness which brought joy, but now such things have almost faded away. Maalona toys, one of the leading online toy stores, have a unique perspective on things. It does not only manufacture toys for kids but makes an effort in understanding their emotions. Maalona toys like a true parent can comprehend the highest good of children and hence, they curated their DIY Greeting Card Making Toy Set in a way that children exploring it can experience the importance of creating something on their own. It is essential that children develop empathy and kindness to understand the value of words and actions. A simple benefit of making handmade birthday cards  would be a child making an actual effort in remembering significant dates of importance. A bond of value can only be created with devotion and understanding. 

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