Creativity with Greeting Card Toy-set

A child from a very early age nurtured with love and care seemingly grapples through life quite swiftly. When given the freedom to express themselves on their own accord, a child develops a keen eye for problem-solving and overall acquires a positive outlook towards life itself. Along with traditional education, the development of creative facilities enables them to express and communicate better. A child’s mind is like a blank canvas with the right manner of attention and assistance they grow up into an all-rounded individual. A child from a very early age must be acquainted with the development of self-expression. Along with the advancement of their verbal communication, their creative expression should be considered equally significant. A child creating self-made cards on their own, decorating and expanding his feelings and understandings greatly broadens their outlook.

By deepening the fact that self-expression greatly broadens a child’s outlook, the habit of making cards is a great way to ensure their proper expression of emotions. There are times when a child fails to articulate his emotions by weaving proper words. They at times lack proper phrases and to a great extent feel helpless when they are unable to put forth their authentic expression. A child can find great joy and a medium to express their feelings by creating their self-made cards. On occasions such as mothers day and fathers birthday, a child can rightfully express his love and gratitude for his loved ones by using various colours, their self-constructed statements, and small doodles, in short, they can put forward their authentic self-expression as per their wish. Often, the joy of a child after creating their self-made cards gives them a sense of satisfaction. They understand their skills and their interests. From a very young age, they can work hard to develop their hobbies into a skill set leading and helping them later in life. For a child, the words of motivation and appreciation work wonders for them. The token of love and words of affection they receive from their elders after creating cards and painting their expressions on paper greatly strengthens their self-confidence. A child when appreciated more learns more and creates more. A child through creating his self-made cards learns the importance of exhibiting their own emotions. They learn how to use their creativity to express love, appreciation and gratitude to everyone around them. For example, when a child creates a card in order to show gratitude towards their house help they not only learn how to rightfully use their expressions but develop values and morals that guide them to become a good human being.

Creativity does not simply mean building ideas and concepts from the intangible form of expression but what it means is to enable a person to be his unique self, it means to assert and have a faith in one’s creation and notions. A child through the means of expressing his ideas and thoughts in a self-made card slowly learns to vocalize his creativity. A blank card acts as an excellent canvas where a child slowly paints and portrays the free will of his mind. He plays with colours, various ideas intervene in his mind that produce magic in a blank piece of paper. A child making a card for the occasion of Christmas puts forward his ideas on what his ideal Christmas celebration may look like. What are the aspects he appreciates and the overall values he has acquired. For a parent or guardian, the creativity put forward by the child in making a card also gives them a brief understanding of his state of mind. This form of creative self-expression presents picturesque details of how extensively the child understands and expresses his true sense.

In our life, the ability to understand and tackle our emotions in order to navigate the challenges of this modern life form is an essential aspect for every person. A child when exposed to creatively articulate his emotions with the help of self-made cards helps in the development of emotional intelligence. When he learns to put forward his sentiments in a way which is easily expressible and understandable he slowly and steadily learns to tackle his emotions in a thoughtful way. Creating self-made cards acts as a link between the creativity of a child and the formation of emotional development. This creative emotional growth acts as a catalyst through which a child draws inspiration, learns to distinguish between various sentiments and overall understands how to undertake responsibilities sympathetically. Creating cards, compassionately expressing oneself, learning to appreciate the people around us and being grateful to them raises a sense of humaneness in a child’s mind. He understands the value of appreciation and motivation and grows to become a promising human being. Parents and guardians need to realise the value of creativity in their child’s life. They should always be encouraged in their pursuits so that a child never shies away from expressing their genuine self. The act of creating self-made cards is an incredible way by which a child learns and cultivates his potential in the most productive way.